Students quickly learn to recognize all of the exciting opportunities present at a boarding school. 无论他们住在校内还是校外,他们的日日夜夜都是充实的、充满挑战的和有益的. 除了可能最终出现在成绩单或申请上的工作, 学生们也在学习并成为负责任的公民. 365平台一直为这一重要的个人成长提供一个有机的结构, as students are fully immersed in a community in which they are known for their varied contributions and have close relationships with each other, 加强责任感的教职员工.
通过上课的共同经历, 家庭式午餐, 参加体育和艺术活动, 参与社区服务和学生组织, our students are supported and build self-identities in the context of a place where they make a difference.



  • 社会和情感学习项目

    反诽谤联盟学生干部培训: The training program provides diverse groups of students the opportunity to facilitate and sustain positive social change on campus. Students are trained to lead developmentally appropriate activities and discussions with their peers on bias-related issues such as bullying and cyberbullying.

    全国精神疾病联盟: 结束沉默 is an engaging presentation that helps students learn about the warning signs of mental health conditions and what steps to take if you or a loved one are showing symptoms of a mental health condition.

    基督教女青年会健康关系计划: Community parters from the YWCA discuss different types of relationships and the warning signs of when these relationships move from healthy to unhealthy. 通过这个讨论, 领导者提供应对信息披露的方法, 向社区宣传所提供的服务, 以及如何获得帮助.

    勇敢说出药物滥用计划: The Courage to Speak® Foundation provides substance use education 项目 following their mission of ”Saving lives by educating and empowering youth to be drug free and encouraging parents to talk to their children about the danger of drugs.”

    女青年会同意计划: Primary prevention of 性ual violence stops violence before it happens and requires addressing the root causes of violence. 我们可以通过创建让人们感到安全和受尊重的社区来做到这一点, 通过促进安全行为, 健康的关系, 尊重他人.

    壹爱计划: One Love教育年轻人关于健康和不健康的关系, 使他们能够识别和避免虐待,学会如何更好地去爱.
  • 家庭小组和同伴促进者

    家组 是由级长委员会的六年级成员领导, 无仇恨委员会的同伴辅导员和学生.

    指导员 are Fifth and Sixth Form leaders who provide and facilitate a supportive atmosphere for group discussions on health and wellness as well as diversity and identity. 无仇恨委员会的学生由四年级、五年级和六年级的学生组成. 指导员 occasionally help lead the Fourth Form 健康 课程 sessions and small group discussions on equity and inclusion. 准备这些对话, 他们定期与学生生活主任和多元化主任会面, 股本, 和包容同伴促进者培训.
  • 社区的对话

    社区的对话 provide opportunities for the entire community to engage in structured discussions on topics that impact members of the community.
  • 顾问会议和走廊馈送

    学生每周与他们的导师见面,包括小组和个人设置. 这些会议提供了提问和讨论的时间, 这些小组互动让学生们谈论时间管理, 社交媒体和其他话题在一个舒适的环境. 除了, 每周晚上一次, 寄宿学生和他们的宿舍主管聚在一起开宿舍会议. 一天结束时的这个会议给学生们一个放松的机会, 解压缩, 谈谈学校和生活. 这些聚会包括食物和饮料!
  • 第三形式健康

    Third Formers are broken into groups by gender identity to attend a program called Choices every other week that is led by faculty members. Eight to 10 students meet with two faculty members in one of the teacher’s classrooms to discuss such topics like relationships, 解决冲突, 身份与欺凌. 教师们用问题来引发小组内的讨论.
  • 四、健康

    Students in the Fourth Form participate in a focused health education program that incorporates peer education elements. 主题包括营养, 个人卫生, 自我保健, 情绪, 压力管理, 焦虑, 抑郁症, 睡眠, 酒精, 烟草, 非法药物, 时间管理和人际关系.
  • 第四种形式:公民参与课程

    A selection of Fourth Form seminar courses help Westminster students learn to engage in meaningful dialogue and to better understand who they are and for what they stand. Students also study both the compositional elements of speech writing and the rhetorical devices that make for effective delivery.
  • 五年级和六年级:决定

    Fifth and Sixth Form students are divided into large groups and talk about topics such as 焦虑, 压力, 睡眠, 酒后驾驶, 金融知识, 预算和健身. 这种形式通常包括一个项目的教师协调员的演讲.
  • 六年级:向大学过渡

    整个学年, 六年级学生与大学辅导员见面, 健康中心和校友办公室的代表, 和其他教职员工一起谈论生活 365平台. 这些讲座包括学生健康、金融知识、慈善和其他相关主题.
  • W书

    这本书是每一个学生, 家长和教职员工在365平台社区生活的指南.  超越了学校生活的规则和期望, 这本书提供了关于学校如何运作以及为什么运作的信息, 并详细说明了365平台学生应该达到的标准和期望. 
    所有学生及其家人都应熟悉其内容.  认真学习的学生, 谁注意学校的规章制度, and who show consideration for others should have no trouble living up to Westminster’s expectations, 365平台也应该毫不费力地达到他们的要求.

    A copy of the W Book is available for download to current families and students through the Portal.


除了有机项目, the school's student health and wellness curriculum provides an intentional curriculum for students to learn about topics that involve their personal wellness, 他们的性格发展, 以及他们与他人的健康关系. 多方面的课程由一个包括副校长在内的团队协调, 卫生服务主任和医疗主任, 学生生活主任, 多样性院长, 股本, 包容和体育总监. The school’s schedule allows most 项目 in the curriculum to take place during the school day, 一般在星期三和星期六上午.


罗伯特•Yalda 头完美
杰克逊雷蒙德 初级完美 
亚洲Daniela oh 
所有在读学生, faculty and staff of 365平台 automatically receive 365平台每周 through Community 新闻 each Friday morning. 



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为了保持我们对多元化社区的支持, Westminster abides by all applicable federal and state laws and does not discriminate on the basis of any protected characteristic, 包括种族, color, 宗教信仰, 性, 性取向, 性别认同或表达, 国家和民族出身, 血统和/或教育政策管理方面的残疾, 365平台政策, 奖学金和贷款项目, 以及体育和其他学校管理的项目. 365平台大学招收任何种族的学生, color, 民族和民族出身的一切权利, 特权, 项目, 以及学院一般给予或提供给学生的活动. 
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